interRAI asutushoolduse (HO) Hindamisvorm ja käsiraamat, LTCF Estonian Edition

TitleinterRAI asutushoolduse (HO) Hindamisvorm ja käsiraamat, LTCF Estonian Edition
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsMorris JN, Belleville-Taylor P, Fries BE, Hawes C, Murphy K, Mor V, Nonemaker S, Phillips CD, Berg K, Björkgren M, Frijters D, Gilgen R, Gray L, Henrard JC, Hirdes JP, Ljunggren G, Steel K, Zimmerman D
EditionVersion 9.1, Estonian Edition
Number of Pages138
CityWashington, DC
Publication LanguageEstonian
ISBN Number978-1-936065-96-7
KeywordsHealth Facilities, Long-Term Care, Long-term care facilities, Needs Assessment, Nursing Assessment, Nursing Homes

The "interRAI asutushoolduse (HO) Hindamisvorm ja käsiraamat" is the Estonian translation of the "interRAI Long-Term Care Facilities (LTCF) Assessment Form and User's Manual" and contains country-specific examples for Estonia.The interRAI Long-Term Care Facilities (LTCF) Assessment System is a comprehensive, standardized system for evaluating the needs, strengths, and preferences of persons in chronic care and nursing home institutional settings. Completing an LTCF assessment enables a health care provider to assess key domains of function, mental and physical health, social support, and service use.This book contains introductory material, an item-by-item guide to completing the assessment form, and the assessment form itself.