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Journal Article
Guthrie DM, Davidson JGS, Williams N, Campos J, Hunter K, Mick P, Orange JB, M. Pichora-Fuller K, Phillips NA, Savundranayagam MY et al..  2018.  Combined impairments in vision, hearing and cognition are associated with greater levels of functional and communication difficulties than cognitive impairment alone: Analysis of interRAI data for home care and long-term care recipients in Ontario. PLoS ONE. 13(2):e0192971.
Jaiswal A, Gupta S, Paramasivam A, Santhakumaran S, Holzhey P, Dupont P, Wittich W.  2023.  Continuum of Care for Older Adults With Concurrent Hearing and Vision Impairment: A Systematic Review. Innovation in Aging. 7(1):igac076.
Alfaro AUrqueta, Guthrie DM, Phillips NA, M. Pichora-Fuller K, Mick P, McGraw C, Wittich W.  2019.  Detection of vision and /or hearing loss using the interRAI Community Health Assessment aligns well with common behavioral vision/hearing measurements. PloS one. 14(10):e0223123-e0223123.
Williams N, Phillips NA, Wittich W, Campos JL, Mick P, Orange JB, M. Pichora-Fuller K, Savundranayagam MY, Guthrie DM.  2020.  Hearing and Cognitive Impairments Increase the Risk of Long-term Care Admissions. Innovation in aging. 4(2):igz053-igz053.
Alfaro AUrqueta, McGraw C, Guthrie DM, Wittich W.  2021.  Optimizing evaluation of older adults with vision and/or hearing loss using the interRAI Community Health Assessment and Deafblind Supplement. Frontiers in Rehabilitation Sciences. 2(764022)