Texture-modified diets in aged care facilities: Nutrition, swallow safety and mealtime experience

TitleTexture-modified diets in aged care facilities: Nutrition, swallow safety and mealtime experience
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsMiles A, Liang V, Sekula J, Broadmore S, Owen P, Braakhuis AJ
JournalAustralasian journal on ageing
ISBN Number1741-6612
Accession Number30868723
Keywordsdeglutition disorders, dysphagia, food services, Nutritional Status, old age homes

OBJECTIVES: Over 35 000 people live in residential aged care facilities (RACFs) in New Zealand. Texture-modified diets (TMDs) are commonplace. They are associated with malnutrition. The aim of this study was to characterise TMD prevalence and practice in RACFs. METHODS: Data from 35 460 residents were extracted from the interRAI™ database. Mealtime observations (including 459 residents), meal audits (IDDSI, 2018) and menu audits (Dietitians New Zealand Menu Audit Tool for RACFs 2013) were completed at 10 RACFs. RESULTS: One-third of residents were on TMDs. Half the residents ate full meals. Feeding assistance was more common in residents on TMDs compared to those on regular diets (P < 0.001). The majority of pureed meals met IDDSI standards; none of soft and bite-sized meals complied. TMD carbohydrate and protein servings did not comply with standards. CONCLUSIONS: Texture-modified diets reflect 1/3 of meals produced in RACFs. This study provides insight into TMD use in RACFs and highlights service gaps and training opportunities.

Alternate JournalAustralasian J Ageing