FHIRForm: An Open-Source Framework for the Management of Electronic Forms in Healthcare

TitleFHIRForm: An Open-Source Framework for the Management of Electronic Forms in Healthcare
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsEapen BRaj, Costa A, Archer N, Sartipi K
JournalStudies in health technology and informatics
ISBN Number1879-8365
Accession Number30741177
Keywords*Electronic Health Records, *Health Information Management, *Software, Delivery of Health Care, E-Form, Electronics, FHIR, InterRAI

Electronic Forms (E-Forms) for data capture are vital for most health information systems in public health and clinical research. Standardized electronic forms ensure accurate data collection, consistent form rendering, easy maintainability, and interoperability. Adopting an innovation research method we explore the challenges of standardized data capture in healthcare and offer a pragmatic solution. We appraise existing standards and software to propose the list of requirements for an ideal E-form framework. Our proposed solution leverages FHIR specification and existing open-source software tools. We discuss how our open-source solution can be extended collaboratively and discuss its value using InterRAI instruments as examples.

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Short TitleStudies in health technology and informaticsStudies in health technology and informatics
Alternate JournalStud Health Technol Inform