Implementation of a Standardized Comprehensive Assessment Tool in France: A Case Using the InterRAI Instruments

TitleImplementation of a Standardized Comprehensive Assessment Tool in France: A Case Using the InterRAI Instruments
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
Authorsde Stampa M., Cerase V., Bagaragaza E., Lys E., Alitta Q., Gammelin C., Henrard J.C
JournalInt J Integr Care
Date PublishedApr 18
ISBN Number1568-4156 (Print)
Accession Number30127689
Keywordsintegrated model of care, interRAI instruments, long term care, standardized comprehensive assessment

Background: The improvement of quality of care requires a standardized and comprehensive assessment tool but implementation is challenging. Purpose: We have reported on the development of the interRAI instruments in France from the onset to the mandatory use at the national level. We also have identified in the literature and in practices, incentives and barriers for the implementation of this integrated clinical information system in long term care. Results: Three periods in the interRAI instruments development were identified over the last twenty years. The first one was a research approach about improving quality of long term care. The second one was an experimental clinical use into an integrated care model with case management. The third one was a call for tenders issued by a French national agency, and the choice to use the interRAI-HC (Home Care) for all case managers. The main incentives and barriers that were identified include the national context, the target population, the providers involved and the impact on their practice, the interRAI instrument characteristics, training and leadership. Conclusion: This historical overview of the development of interRAI instruments in France gives health care organizations pertinent information to guide the implementation of a standardized and comprehensive assessment tool.