Nursing homes and the affordable care act: a cease fire in the ongoing struggle over quality reform

TitleNursing homes and the affordable care act: a cease fire in the ongoing struggle over quality reform
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsHawes C., Moudouni D.M, Edwards R.B, Phillips C.D
JournalJ Aging Soc Policy
ISBN Number0895-9420
Accession Number22497359
Keywords*Health Personnel/education/standards, *Nursing Homes/economics/manpower, Aged, Community Participation/economics/methods, Elder Abuse/*prevention & control, Health Care Reform/*standards, Humans, Long-Term Care/economics/organization & administration, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Program Evaluation, Quality Assurance, Health Care, Quality Improvement/*economics, Staff Development/organization & administration, United States

Most provisions in the Affordable Care Act that affect nursing homes originated in two earlier attempts at reform, both of which failed multiple times in prior Congressional sessions: the Elder Justice Act and the Nursing Home Transparency and Improvement Act. Both of these earlier efforts focused on improving quality and reducing elder abuse in nursing homes by strengthening oversight and enforcement penalties, expanding staff training, and increasing the information on nursing home quality available to consumers and regulators. Each bill addressed problems that were serious, widespread, and had persisted for years, but each failed to pass on its own. The Affordable Care Act, with its own momentum, became the vehicle for their passage. However, the reasons the bills failed in these earlier efforts suggest implementation challenges now that they have ridden into law on the coattails of the more general effort to reform the health care sector.


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