Development of the Resident Assessment Instrument--Mental Health (RAI-MH)

TitleDevelopment of the Resident Assessment Instrument--Mental Health (RAI-MH)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsHirdes J.P, Marhaba M., Smith T.F, Clyburn L., Mitchell L., Lemick R.A, Telegdi N.C, Pérez E., Prendergast P., Rabinowitz T., Yamauchi K.
JournalHospital Quarterly
Date PublishedWinter
ISBN Number1480-221X (Print)<br/>1480-221x
Accession Number11484623
Keywords*Psychiatric Status Rating Scales, Activities of Daily Living/classification, Algorithms, Cooperative Behavior, Diagnosis-Related Groups/*classification/economics, Hospitals, Chronic Disease/economics, Hospitals, Psychiatric/economics, Humans, Mental Disorders/*classification/*psychology, Ontario, Outcome and Process Assessment (Health Care)
Short TitleHospital quarterlyHospital quarterly
Alternate JournalHospital quarterly