Applying RUG-III in Japanese long-term care facilities

TitleApplying RUG-III in Japanese long-term care facilities
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsIkegami N., Fries B.E, Takagi Y., Ikeda S., Ibe T.
Date PublishedOct
Accession Number7959131
Keywords*Diagnosis-Related Groups, *Homes for the Aged/ut [Utilization], *Long-Term Care/cl [Classification], Aged, Health Resources/ut [Utilization], Hospitals, Chronic Disease/ut [Utilization], Human, Japan, Support, Non-U.S. Gov't

A U.S. nursing home case-mix system, Resource Utilization Group, Version III (RUG-III), was tested in a variety of Japanese long-term care facilities. Staff time and resident characteristics were measured for a sample of 871 patients. Acceptable reliability was found for items defining RUG-III, and the system explained 44% of the variance in wage-weighted staff time (cost). Also, Japanese and U.S. costs had similar patterns across RUG-III categories. However, there was wide discrepancy between the stated purpose of Japanese facilities and their patient populations, and the current payment mechanism did not reflect actual use of resources.

Short TitleGerontologistGerontologist
Alternate JournalGerontologist