The National Single Assessment Tool (SAT) a pilot study in older persons care - survey results

TitleThe National Single Assessment Tool (SAT) a pilot study in older persons care - survey results
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMcDermott-Scales L., Beaton D., McMahon F., Vereker N., McCormack B., Coen R.F, O'Keefe S.T
JournalIrish Medical journal
Date PublishedJul-Aug
ISBN Number0332-3102 (Print)<br/>0332-3102 (Linking)
Accession Number369579241 (Ovid Embase)
Keywords*Attitude of Health Personnel, *Health Services for the Aged, *Needs Assessment, Aged, Health Care Surveys/*methods, Humans, Ireland, nurses, Physicians, Pilot Projects, Questionnaires/*standards

Following a consultation and review process, the interRAI suite of assessment tools was chosen as the most suitable instrument for assessment of the care needs of older people in Ireland. We used previously validated questionnaires to examine the usability, practicality and acceptability of these tools to professionals, carers and clients in rural and urban acute, long-term care and community settings. Of the 45 professionals, 42-44 (93-98%) agreed or strongly agreed with 14 of 15 positive statements regarding the acceptability, clinical value and ease of use of the interRAl tools; 39 (87%) felt the terminology was consistent and familiar, although 35 (78%) felt some areas would require further explanation. Responses from carers (n = 15) and clients (n = 68) were similarly overwhelmingly positive regarding the experience of being assessed using these tools. These results support the clinical utility and practicality of using this approach to assess older people in Irish clinical practice.


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