interRAI Cure Palliative (PC) strumento di valutazione e manuale di utilizzo, PC Italian Edition

TitleinterRAI Cure Palliative (PC) strumento di valutazione e manuale di utilizzo, PC Italian Edition
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSmith TFrise, Steel K, Fries BE, Morris JN, Belleville-Taylor P, Curtin-Telegdi N, Frijters D, Hirdes JP, Ljunggren G, Murphy KM, Nonemaker S, Rabinowitz T, Ribbe ME, Topinkova E, Berg K, Björkgren M, Declercq A, Finne-Soveri H, Gilgen R, Gray L, Hawes C, Henrard J-C, Szczerbinska K
EditionVersion 9.3, Italian Edition
Number of Pages148
CityWashington, DC
Publication LanguageItalian
ISBN Number978-1-62255-056-2
KeywordsEvaluation, Hospice Care, Needs Assessment, palliative care, Palliative treatment, Patient Care Planning

The "interRAI Cure Palliative (PC): strumento di valutazione e manuale d’utilizzo" is the Italian translation of the "interRAI Palliative Care (PC) Assessment Form and User's Manual" and contains country-specific examples for Italy.The interRAI Palliative Care (PC) Assessment System is a comprehensive, standardized system for evaluating the needs, strengths, and preferences of those in palliative care or hospice settings.The PC instrument is suitable for use in both facility-based and community-based palliative care programs. There are two versions of its assessment form. The interRAI PC Assessment Form contains the full assessment. The Palliative Care Hospice (PC-H) Assessment Form, which consists of a subset of items from the interRAI PC Assessment Form, is designed for persons with a shorter prognosis.This book contains introductory material; an item-by-item guide to completing the assessment forms; the PC assessment form; and the PC-H assessment form.