Examining the Biopsychosocial Factors Related to Lifetime History of Concussion in Children and Youth

TitleExamining the Biopsychosocial Factors Related to Lifetime History of Concussion in Children and Youth
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsStewart SL, Withers A, Graham AA, Poss JW, Donnelly N
JournalChild Psychiatry & Human Development
Date Published2022/06/21
ISBN Number1573-3327
Accession NumberPMID:35729361
Keywords*concussion, *juvenile, *Mental Health, Aggression, anxiety disorder, article, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, automutilation, Canada, Child, controlled study, disruptive behavior, externalizing disorder, Female, Human, human tissue, major clinical study, Male, mood disorder, Ontario, Prevalence, psychosocial disorder

This study investigated the prevalence of lifetime concussions, related psychosocial problems, and post-concussion recovery rates in a clinical sample of children and youth. Participants were 24,186 children and youth (M = 11.9 years, SD = 3.5) who completed an interRAI Child and Youth Mental Health Assessment at mental health agencies across Ontario, Canada. In addition to the expected physiological correlates, results found concussions to be more prevalent in children and youth with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, anxiety disorders, disruptive behaviour disorders, mood disorders, and those involved in self-harm, harm to others, destructive aggression, and internalizing and externalizing symptoms. The results of this study add to our understanding of children and youth’s experiences with concussions. Clinical implications and recommendations are discussed to maximize the effectiveness of evidence-based interventions related to concussion recovery.



Short TitleChild Psychiatry & Human Development