[Case-mix classification in post-acute and long-term care. Validation of Resource Utilization Groups III (RUG-III) in the Czech Republic]

Title[Case-mix classification in post-acute and long-term care. Validation of Resource Utilization Groups III (RUG-III) in the Czech Republic]
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsTopinkova E., Neuwirth J., Mellanova A., Stankova M., Haas T.
JournalCas Lek Cesk
Date PublishedFeb 2
Accession Number10802930
Keywords*Health Services for the Aged, *Long-Term Care, Aged, Aged, 80 and over, Diagnosis-Related Groups/*classification, English Abstract, Female, Health Resources/utilization, Homes for the Aged, Human, Male, Support, Non-U.S. Gov't

BACKGROUND: Czech facilities for non-acute, continuing care provide care for very heterogeneous group of residents with different clinical characteristics, care needs and resource use. The rate based funding of LTC doesn't reflect patient case-mix. Therefore, a case mix system RUG based on per diem resource use is being used abroad for rational and fair LTC funding. METHODS: The validity of RUG-III has been evaluated and its use for financing of LTC and geriatric care in CR examined. In a sample of 1162 residents from 18 institutions patients were assigned to one of 44 RUG-III groups regarding their clinical characteristics. Data were analyzed using analysis of variance with individual care time per patient per day as independent and RUG-III groups as dependent variables. Weighted means for each group (case-mix indexes, CMI) were calculated. RESULTS: The RUG-III system achieved 59% variance explanation of total per diem costs of nursing and therapy/rehabilitation care and meets criteria of clinical validity. The CMIs for individual groups span from 0.39 to 2.70 i.e. differences in resource use between groups were sevenfold. Resource use within groups was relatively homogeneous. CONCLUSIONS: The RUG-III represent a suitable case-mix system for nonacute institutional care in the Czech health care. Besides its use for payment incentives, RUG-III can be used in facility management, quality assurance process and for comparative analyses on national and international level.



Original PublicationCase-mix klasifikace pro postakutni a dlouhodobou peci. Validizace Resource utilization groups III (RUG-III) v Ceske republice.