Predictors of Societal Costs of Older Care-Dependent Adults Living in the Community in 11 European Countries

TitlePredictors of Societal Costs of Older Care-Dependent Adults Living in the Community in 11 European Countries
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
Authorsvan Lier LI, van der Roest HG, Oosten BSh, Garms-Homolova V, Onder G, Finne-Soveri H, Jónsson PV, Ljunggren G, Henrard J-C, Topinkova E, Sørbye LWergeland, Bernabei R, van Hout HPJ, Bosmans JE
JournalHealth services insights
ISBN Number1178-6329
Accession Number30718960
Keywordshome care, Minimum Data Set for Home Care, Older adults, Predictors of costs, societal costs

BACKGROUND: The objective was to identify predictors of societal costs covering formal and informal care utilization by older home care clients in 11 European countries. METHODS: Societal costs of 1907 older clients receiving home care for 12 months from the Aged in Home care (AdHoc) study were estimated using the InterRAI Minimum Data Set for Home Care's (MDS-HC) resource use items. Predictors (medical, functional, and psychosocial domains) of societal costs were identified by performing univariate and multivariate generalized linear model analyses. RESULTS: Mean societal costs per participant were €36 442, ranging from €14 865 in Denmark to €78 836 in the United Kingdom. In the final multivariate model, country, being married, activities of daily living (ADL) dependency, cognitive impairment, limitations of going out, oral conditions, number of medications, arthritis, and cerebro vascular accident (CVA) were significantly associated with societal costs. CONCLUSIONS: Of the predictors, ADL dependency and limitations of going out may be modifiable. Developing interventions targeted at improving these conditions may create opportunities to curtail societal costs.


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