Activities of daily living and costs in nursing homes

TitleActivities of daily living and costs in nursing homes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsWilliams B.C, Fries B.E, Foley W.J, Schneider D., Gavazzi M.
JournalHealth Care Financing Review
Date PublishedSummer
Accession Number10138481
Keywords*Activities of Daily Living, *Health Care Costs/sn [Statistics & Numerical Data], *Nursing Homes/ec [Economics], *Nursing Services/ut [Utilization], Aged, Analysis of Variance, Data Collection, Diagnosis-Related Groups/sn [Statistics & Numerical Data], Health Services Research, Human, Long-Term Care/cl [Classification], Nursing Homes/sn [Statistics & Numerical Data], Time and Motion Studies, United States

Functionality, as measured by activities of daily living (ADL), is the most important predictor of the cost of nursing home care. Data from a field-test version of the federally mandated Minimum Data Set (MDS) were examined using analysis of variance (ANOVA) and recursive partitioning methods to determine the relationships between ADL limitations and nursing cost (wage-weighted nursing time) among nursing home residents (n = 6,663). From this analysis, an index based on limitations in four ADLs was created. The developed ADL index is a readily determined measure of functional status useful in allocating nursing staff within nursing homes and in comparing the functional status of groups of residents, explaining 30 percent of variance in nursing costs among nursing home residents. [References: 21]


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