Incidence of Hip Fracture in Native American Residents of U.S. Nursing Homes

TitleIncidence of Hip Fracture in Native American Residents of U.S. Nursing Homes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsZhang T., Amir O., Zullo A.R, Kiel D.P, Berry S.D
JournalInnovation in Aging
IssueSuppl 1
ISBN Number2399-5300
Accession NumberPMC6227439

The U.S NH population is increasingly more ethnically diverse. Racial disparities in health care outcomes exist in this setting. Our study compared the incidence rate (IR) of hip fracture in U.S. Native American (NA) NH residents with incidence in other ethnicities, including blacks and whites. Ethnic-specific IRs for hip fracture were standardized using inverse probability weights, estimated using > 60 resident and 6 facility level characteristics. Among 1,136,262 NH residents, 4,391 (0.4%) were NA, 980,559 (86.3%) were white, and 116,098 (10.2%) were black. Adjusted IRs of hip fractures were 2.16/100 person-years (95% CI 1.92–2.45) among NA residents compared to 2.05 (95% CI 2.03–2.07) in whites and 0.82 (95% CI 0.79–0.85) in blacks. Over 50% of NAs vs. 31.2% of whites resided in a rural facility. NA NH residents had the highest rates of hip fracture. Facility characteristics (e.g., rural location) may contribute to observed racial disparity and merit further investigation.


Short TitleInnov Aging
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